Friday prayer group


For as long as anyone can remember, a group of local Christians has met here on Friday mornings to pray.  We pray for each other, we pray about what goes on in Renfield St Stephens, we pray for sisters and brothers in Christ.  We pray for Glasgow and its people, we pray for troubled places of the world.  We pray for people who ask us to pray for them; a tree made out of fence wire in the foyer of Renfield St Stephen’s Church Centre invites people to write prayer requests on leaves, fix them to the tree, and we pray for them each week.  We pray for peace, and our prayer times have often been blessed with a wonderful, surprising sense of Christ’s peace-giving presence

We pray trusting in God’s love in Jesus Christ, not in our own words.  We pray because Jesus told us to go to a quiet place, to ask as our Father knows what we are seeking before we even speak.

All are welcome to join us at 11am on Friday mornings.

Contact us

260 Bath Street
Glasgow, Scotland
G2 4JP

p: +44 0141 332 4293
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